Philanthropic journey examines a new course of direction

Bill and Melinda TED2014

When a rich couple of marital status in America reaches a middle-stage, they are likely to talk about a new plan to work together. A new plan often starts with a target area to spend a large portion of their time. …

The early investors will win the business of decarbonization

Photo by Karsten Würth (➡️ @karsten.wuerth) on Unsplash

Two months past the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the hot summer returns in the Kanto plain. The plain encompasses four densely populated areas with 13m residents in Tokyo and remaining three neighboring prefectures with 17m habitants. I have lived in…

Japanese-style identification will disappear soon in Tokyo

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

A school master was busy selecting a commemorative item for pupils aged 12-years old. Girls and boys finished their elementary school, earning a gift for every single child from compulsory education in Japan.

When I reached that stage in Toyota City, Aichi long…

Stay the course, don’t run a risk to divert into three zones

Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

A decade of successful succession is rare in business. Most CEOs don’t survive the turmoil of fast-changing business environment, especially information technology. IT industry keeps transforming adjunct industries such as automobile, retail, and advertizing. …

Facebook lures 2.9bn users to the dangerous areas

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Five years ago, Cal Newport explained the harmful effects on social media. He has a point. You can live without social media accounts. You can actually be better-off. He delivered two messages in his TED stage. …

Tourists investors must rethink reckless bets to the unknown

Photo by Daniel Morris on Unsplash

Twenty years ago, the dotcom boom went collapsed with online stock merchants left behind, having a vast amount of personal savings lost in the capital market. That was just a decade after the Black Monday brew off the financial institutions such…

Starting salaries are rising behind the M&A spree

Back in mid-1980’s, my undergraduate classmates had a very clear goal in mind for their career path. The path is crystal-clear for them. They are going to either law school or medical school. As young as they were turning to twenty-years old…

A promising shartup owner spends a short time asking for money

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

It is commonly understood by startups that they need to talk VCs into investing in novel business for at least three hours of grueling persuasion. Still the fund raiser doesn’t give a final go to a startup with any…

Animal research in Tokyo should be gone off-shore

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

At small private universities in the Tokyo area, I taught international business until 2019. The class consisted of a variety of students from Asia. They were Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnam, and Indonesia. To broaden the scope of research, I gave them a…

A Tokyoity likes Bill Gates’ nuclear-power station in Wyoming

Photo by Igor Shturma on Unsplash

Forty-years ago, my host family in Salt Lake City, Utah, took me to Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming. Karl Pope drove a van for eight hours and a group of his four children, Jacob (7), Eliza (5), David (4), Ellen…

Hiroshi Hatano

Taught marketing @ universities in Tokyo for a decade, ex-I-banker & mgmt consultant @ Accenture, Georgia Tech educated, Walking & cycling

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